Let’s pollinate!

O Polen (”The Pollen”) is a tool that transforms online purchases in donations to social institutions. The donation is conducted through the taxes included in the purchased items, with no additional cost to the buyer. Each purchase generates a percentage of resources to CPTI, which will be passed on by its partner.


The procedure is simple:

  1. Install Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Visit CPTI’s page on The Polen website http://opolen.com.br/apoie/#/conectar/centro-promocional-tia-ileide/site-ong-polen
  3. Sign up and install the totally safe Polen app.
  4. It’s done, you may now start helping CPTI through the websites of participant establishments.

From that moment on, every time you purchase something in a network partner’s store, the app will remind you that it’s possible to make a donation, through a pop-up text. The donation is automatically carried out.

After installing the application, the website also allows you to invite friends and family, to support the institution through the tool.

More information: O Polen