CPTI is a benchmark of the tertiary sector

CPTI is a social welfare and non-formal education institution that works to assist and promote children, adolescents, and familiar groups’ rights. A benchmark of the tertiary sector, it contributes to the social and cultural development of thousands of people in the Distrito de Nova Aparecida, in the northern region of Campinas-SP.

CPTI is located in a highly socially vulnerable area next to the junction of three important highways of the State of São Paulo (Anhanguera, Bandeirantes e D. Pedro) and the biggest prison complex in Latin America – Ataliba Nogueira.

Throughout the years, significant progress happened in the region’s infrastructure. Nowadays, most locals have access to water, sewer treatment and electricity. Many streets are paved and public transportation is now available. There are also schools and day-care centers. However, domestic violence, child labor, sexual exploitation, drug use and drug-dealing have increased along with the progress.

The institution actively takes part in the region’s transformation, fulfilling its mission as partner in social and communitarian development. The close relationship with the community, along with public and private entities, has enabled CPTI to adapt its programs and projects to resist threats and face the new challenges of the area.



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