Suggest CPTI and make many children happy! 

You can allocate resources from the Income Tax to CPTI through FMDCA Campinas – Fundo Municipal de Direitos da Criança e do Adolescente (”Municipal Fund of Children and Adolescents’ Rights”).

Legal Entity:

A company that reports the Income Tax (IT) based on the taxable income may allocate up to 1% of the IT to CPTI.

Natural Person:

People who report the Income Tax (IT) through the complete model may allocate up to 6% of the IT to CPTI.

How to:
  1. Visit
  2. Click in “fazer seu cadastro” (”sign up”)
  3. Click in “nova doação” (”new donation”) and select the NGO CPTI – Centro Promocional Tia Ileide
  4. Choose the type and value of the donation
  5. A ticket will be issued for payment
  6. A FMDCA Campinas receipt will be issued and forwarded by mail to the registered address


More information: +5519 3781-8093 or