There are many ways to collaborate!

One of them is by donating equipment and goods for the institution’s day-to-day operations.


Non-perishable food: rice, beans, oil, milk, wheat flour, tomato extract, sugar, salt, coffee, tea.

Personal hygiene and cleaning products: toilet paper, detergent, paper towel, garbage bags, alcohol, bleach, disinfectant, liquid soap, laundry detergent, broom, squeegee.

Pedagogic equipment: sulphite paper (in white and various colors), pen, colored pencils, crayons, gouache, EVA, glue, scissors, highlighter, eraser, whiteboard pen.

Sports workshop equipment: indoor soccer ball, volley ball, table tennis ball, table tennis racket.

Crafting workshop equipment: MDF boxes (various sizes), dyes and paints for cloth and crafting, embroidery threads, embroidery needles, embroidery fabric, brushes, silk stockings.

Graffiti workshop equipment: spray paint (various colors), white latex paint, canvases (various sizes), drawing pen.

Acting workshop equipment: make-up, props, costumes.

Musical instruments: guitar, violin, flute, keyboard, and accessories.

IT equipment: computer, CPU, HD, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, notebook, printer, peripheral.

Audiovisual equipment: semi professional video recorder, professional camera, flash, flash battery, SD memory card, tripod, and backpack.


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